The Heep Year 1995




Contributed by Uwe Witzemann

Thanks to Martin Hauenstein

Oslo Norway  - Contributed by Kjell Arne Hunstad

Here is my festival (free) ticket from Glopperock 95`. As you can see it`s signed by our stars.

I have worked with promotion for this festival so it was possible for me to go backstage,

to talk with the guys and take some pictures. They sold "Sea Of Light" at the festival too,

so I got it signed by the band. The weather was quite cold + some rain too. Anyway the

Heep did a great gig, and the newspapers agreed about that........


Runar Wadseth, Aalesund - Norway


Contributed by Alois C. Braun



In 1995 Heep released the a jewel: "Sea of light". Then I read in the newspaper that Heep will be in Betzdorf. (18km from here). I remember that the show was not on 28.04.1995. Today I know that Bernie had problems with his vocal cords.

Heep played the show later that year. I do not remember the date.

The show was an absolutely highlight and the Betzdorf Stadthalle was cooking ;-)


Contributed by Thomas Friesenhage