The Heep Year 1993




Contributed by Uwe Witzemann

In 1993 I attended a concert in Kansas City called Super Jam and had the pleasure of meeting Bernie Shaw.  The date was Nov 14, 1993 at Memorial Hall in Kansas City, Kansas.  Here are pictures of the front and back of my ticket stub, signed by Bernie.
Star Jordan

Thanks to Martin Hauenstein


Thanks to Christian Sommerfeldt

We had a great time this weekend in Oslo, myself, Terje Vikaas & Tove Markussen, Specially enjoying Uriah Heep, Kinks, Glenn Hughes…….Ace Of Base….? (nice to watch) The weather was nice & the beer tasted great! I met Trevor in the crowd, and he asked me to get a beer for him backstage. He gave me a backstage pass, and backstage Mick gave me beer from September When, cause Heep`s beer was long gone. When I came back to Trevor, he was gone, so I had to drink the beer! Later the backstage pass was taken by one of the assholes of a guard, who acted like he was the King…….

Runar Wadseth, Aalesund – Norway



Contributed by Alois C. Braun

It's not really a ticket, but it is a memento of little known and seldom mentioned tour Uriah Heep did of South Korea.  I'll keep looking for anything else I got from that night.

Contributor Alan Edlund