The Heep Year 1991





Contributed by  Martti Suhonen 


Contributed by Milan - ljubljana -slovenija


Contributed by Alois Braun 


The 1991 ticket is from Schönholthausen, a small village in Sauerland near Olpe(20km from here), where I work. The location was a small "Schützenhalle" (can't find an english name for it ;-)
I remember leaving before the encore "Lady in black" was played, because I felt sick at the end of the show, but it was not because of the music. The hall had been so full of people that I felt I could not breathe.
Heep was great once again.

Contributed by Thomas Wiesenhagen


Contributed by Karin Dengler Nurnberg Deutschland


Deinze Belgium Contributed by Hilde Bogaert

Tilburg The Netherlands. Contributor Evert Achterberg.


Thanks to Runar