The Heep Year 1988




Contributed by Uwe Witzemann

Contributed by Nidge Dobson

Thanks to Michael Swoboda

Contributed by Runar Wadseth


Uriah Heep Mon 31 Oct 1988 New Castle - Contributed by Ab van Mourik

In 1988 I saw a big Concert Poster in a village near my home. Big letters and words like this: "Heep back from the USSR".After the "Equator" Album and 3 years with nothing on vinyl I thought the Band is dead.
At once I went buying a ticket for the show in Wiehl (20km from here)  and once again I was surprised that there has been changes in the lineup, but I was very glad to know that Heep was still alive. After this show I thought that this lineup would last longer - and it does . :-)

Contributor : Thomas Friesenhagen



This was the first Uriah Heep concert I saw and it was fantastic.

Contributor : Karin Dengler Nurnberg Deutschland

King Georges hall Blackburn UK 1988.  

Autographs on the back of the Blackburn ticket.


Trevor Eastham



Contributor Jos Min Netherlands