The Heep Year 1985




Contributed by Jose Granado
Zaragoza (Spain)

The Dolphin Centre/Central Hall in Darlington on 10th March 1985 
Bill Metalhead


Here's a scan of the 1985 ticket of mine from when I saw UH in Hull. The club they played at is long gone, but the Heep ! Well they aren't !   Cheers Eddy Bewsher

Contributed by Christian Thurtell ( Heep fan since 1970)

Contributed by Ab van Mourik NL

Paris show at the Eldorado in 1985.

David André


Thanks to Runar


I came across your site and as i remember this gig so well and still
have the souvenir ticket stub I thought you may like it to add to your
collection. I'm glad to see Heep are still alive and kicking...

all the best
Mark Clark



March 24 Holland.