The Heep Year 1983




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Uriah Heep Cancarjev Dom Zagreb Joegoslavia 12 dec 1983 - contributed by Ab van Mourik

Portland 1983 supporting Def Leppard contributed by Ab van Mourik NL

Zagreb September 5th : Thanks to Joseph Melnik

Contributed by Milan - Ljubljana -Slovenija

 I found two old tickets in a box downstairs.

The ticket from 1983 was my first Uriah Heep concert.

UH were three times in Detmold, in 1992 they were not in

the "Rock heaven" in Herford, because the club burned down a few

days before UH came.

A nice day and many greetings from Detmold.

Kay Ralff



I have been looking for this ticket stub for many months and I finally found it. The only problem is that it does not list Uriah Heep as the opening act.

They opened for Blue Oyster Cult on the Head First tour. I can remember the show like it was yesterday especially when they performed "Stay On Top."

I still have the concert jersey from that night (yes 25 years ago) with the T-Rex walking into the guilitine - grey with black sleeves.

I can't remember who was in the band at that time but I can't believe that none of the current band members remember this tour section and can vouch for the show.

This show was at the Poughkeepsie Civic Center in NY (about 2 hours north of NYC.) The place holds about 5500 and they either have seats or "open dance floor" as they used to post on the tickets. The acoustics are absolutely terrible and when you have a loud rock band it's almost like listening to complete noise.

None the less it was a great show and my first show which is in part why I remember it so much.

You don't have anything listed on the gig list for this date.

Please let me know if anyone else can recall this show. I'd love to hear about it. Thanks.

Ray Jennings