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Love the Heep website, brings back great memories of my youth.
The live album of 1973 was recorded at Birmingham Town Hall, I was there, seventeen years old, a fabulous concert!
The girl I was with got backstage and met the lads who wished her a happy birthday

Here is the ticket,



this gig was cancelled


Japan tour

August 31 New York Thanks to Ab van Mourik

Contributed by Dougie Woolston

Contributed by Dougie Woolston



September 1st, 1973 - Cape Cod Coliseum, South Yarmouth, MA (w/ ZZ Top and Earth Wind & Fire)
Thanks to Dan Lampinski and Carl Morstadt

20 september Alabama USA Thanks to Ab van Mourik NL

The small part of the ticket is contributed kindly by  Terry Rust USA

The openers for both of these shows were 1 - ZZ TOP and 2. Earth Wind and Fire.  I remember thinking that the ZZ Top set was very heavy and every song seemed very fast and heavy.  They were new at the time - no beards and 'hits' yet - but I do recall thinking they were good and wanting to get some of their stuff from those shows. EWF were not my cuppa, as I was getting more and more interested in prog - Yes Genesis Tull Crimson - this was my first year in school, and the artsy fans were my 'gang'. But EWF got the crowd going with some funky stuff.  The Salem show was reserved seat, and we were 13 rows from the stage near center - but the place was a huge square building and the sound was pretty echo-y.  At one point right after Heep came on, we moved closer and more to the side of the stage and could hear better.  I remember the rumble of the keyboards and bass - as this was one of the first prog type shows I had seen.  From the near side of the stage Byron kept coming over to the sides of the stage to play to the side seats.  The place was pretty near a sell out and they did a good job of getting to the folks on the side and futher back.  We were very into all the images from the Demons and Magician albums, but Look at Yourself was my favorite and I remember being so glad that July Morning seemed to be a featured song - with Ken leaning way back on his stool with his long hair almost reaching the floor.  They were all dressed in the exotic looking clothes, high boots, and it seems like Mick had a short cape on for one of these shows. 

I know as we were leaving we were really up for the next show on the 18th, because it was general admission, and we decided to get there really early and get right up front.  And we did - it was mid-week and we only had about a 60 mile drive to get to Nashville, so we blew off afternoon classes - got there about 4 in the afternoon.  Got into the arena a bit after 6, and right up against the stage.  Same openers, but ZZ went over really well here, and seemed to play longer.  EWF got the crowd going again, but when Heep came out the Nashville crowd really went wild.  I think Sunrise was the opener - and we always compared this one to an Alice Cooper song - but that was a great way to start the show. 

Best I can recall same set list, and Byron was dressed in all white at this show, I think.  Because of the general admission seating it seems like there was a closer, more interaction with the crowd than the Salem show. {this was in the days before the security barriers, so the fans were actually leaning on the stage}  I think the set was longer for Heep too - as the show did start earlier, gave the bands more time, too.   The Nashville show also had better sound - or at least where we were standing, and again the rumble from the bass and keyboard low end jarred our bones. Again July Morning was a highlight and the rock and roll medley seemed to go on longer, too.  Sadly, cameras and photography was much more of a luxury then, as well as inconvienent - buy film, take shot, develop film, etc - it is so easy and cheap now!!  So I do not have photos from these shows - and i coulda had some great shots.  I am just glad I got to see the truly classic Heep lineup a couple of times.  And I wish I could remember more details, but, after all it was 1973........


Rick Glover - Atlanta Heepster




Contributed by Runar Wadseth

November 8 Portsmouth , thanks to Ab van Mourik NL

Thanks to Ab van Mourik NL

Thanks to Ab van Mourik


Bangor USA august 18 - thanks to Ab van Mourik NL

thanks to Ab van Mourik NL

I attended many, many concerts in the 1970's at the Charleston Civic Center in Charleston, West Virginia, and I saw Uriah Heep there on February 23, 1973. Here is the ticket stub in case you would like to add the date to your list of old concerts:
All the Best,
Rick Barrett

Germany Frankfurt


Thanks to Ab van Mourik NL


Deutschland  Offenbach . Thanks to Roland Marschner

Thanks to Runar


Belgium Vorst Nationaal Contributor Werner Lefebvre

This one is from the rainbow gig of 73 remember this one well the security
guards got a bit heavy with a few people down the front, they were standing up and just enjoying themselves.  I recall David Byron trying to prod the
security men in the back and Mick Box taking a swing at them with his guitar.
 It was difficult for them to reach because there was a 6 foot wooden slope
between the stage and the audience.  It all turned out okay and David Byron
gave the security men a "verbal pasting" after that particular number they
were doing.


Uriah Heep tickets from September 14, 1973 show at Carolina Coliseum in Columbia, South Carolina, USA.

Tuckey Buzzard and Earth, Wind & Fire opened the show.

 Thanks to

Steve Johnson

Uriah Heep
October 6, 1973
Hofheinz Pavilion
Houston, Texas

Contributed by Rock O'Keefe

1973  --- Only URIAH HEEP + 3 other Bands ...

Thanks to

Contributed by Ab van Mourik NL

Hi Simon, my names Bob Cocks just had to respond to your request for tickets.  Delved into my old ticket shoebox and came up with the attached selection.  Plenty of memories amongst this lot.  Ticket stub for the Sophia Gardens is fairly unique.  They only played there once and the building was demolished about 10 years later due to a heavy snow fall.  The stubs from the Capitol Cinema also brings back memories because that cinema is no longer there it is now a shopping mall.  That gig holds special memories because on the back of ticket 10 which I have sent is Mick and Lees signature, we met them in the bar next door and had a great time.  I realised then that they were a little different and very approachable guys.  The only venue I know still exists is the Hammersmith Odeon but it is now called something different I think its the Hammersmith Palais, dont know about the Rainbow perhaps there are some fans out there that may know if it is still there.  There should be stubs from gigs at the Alexander Palace in 1973 and a few from fairly recent when I find them I will e-mail them to you.  All the best as Mick would say 'appy days.