The Heep Year 1970




Contributed by Ab van Mourik NL

Contributed by Ab van Mourik NL

May 19th Marquee club London

BIG GIG FESTIVAL - 20th June 1970

Hamburg / Germany, Klein Flottbek - Derby

Black Sabbath
Gentle Giant
Humble Pie
Rare Bird
Uriah Heep

Very special THANX to OLIVER GRAY


Uriah Heep 19. Oktober 1970 Hamburg, Audimax Support


Uriah Heep 27. Dezember 1970 Hamburg-Harburg, Friedrich-Ebert-Halle DM 5,--



Hi Simon, my names Bob Cocks just had to respond to your request for tickets.  Delved into my old ticket shoebox and came up with the attached selection.  Plenty of memories amongst this lot.  Ticket stub for the Sophia Gardens is fairly unique.  They only played there once and the building was demolished about 10 years later due to a heavy snow fall.  The stubs from the Capitol Cinema also brings back memories because that cinema is no longer there it is now a shopping mall.  That gig holds special memories because on the back of ticket 10 which I have sent is Mick and Lees signature, we met them in the bar next door and had a great time.  I realised then that they were a little different and very approachable guys.  The only venue I know still exists is the Hammersmith Odeon but it is now called something different I think its the Hammersmith Palais, dont know about the Rainbow perhaps there are some fans out there that may know if it is still there.  There should be stubs from gigs at the Alexander Palace in 1973 and a few from fairly recent when I find them I will e-mail them to you.  All the best as Mick would say 'appy days.