The Heep Year 2000


Contributor : Louis Rentrop

Uriah Heep - 11 februari 2000
De Kade - Zaandam

Nog een keer naar de Kade, het was de vorige keer zo goed geweest.
Leuk al die nieuwe nummers afgewisseld met die oude krakers...
Between two Worlds, I Can Hear Voices, Stealin, Universal Wheels,
Time of Revelation, Only the Young, Sweet Freedom, Rain, Feels Like,
Sunrise, Heartless Land, Bird of Prey, Gypsy, Everything in Life,
Easy Livin', Question, Look at Yourself en Lady in Black.

Zaandam The Netherlands

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Switzerland. Contributor Roberto Consentino


Contributor Louis Rentrop Rijssen The Netherlands


A ticket from the last year 10. 06. 2000. open air in Alsóõrs (Hungary,
near the big lake BALATON).

It was a big success, UH was brilliant!!!

Keep on heeping,
God bless you:

Contributor : Árpád


Contributor: Esbern
( ' Rainbow  Demon' ): That stub is from the very same day as you
were all at the Heepvention! Marts 12th I think, eh?
*L* Copenhagen was rocking!..Well, I was..hahaha...In
true Heepsterity..E.


04 may 2000 – Randers Torben Levring


05 may 2000 – Aarhus  Torben Levring