The latest issue of Record Collector is a cracker with articles on Jethro
Tull, Roxy Music, King Crimson, Ian Hunter and T Rex amongst others. Album
reviews include artists like, The Velvet Underground, Janis Joplin, David
Bowie, Lou Reed, Roxy, the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah band, Man, Samson, Paice Ashton &
Lord, Manfred Mann's Earth band, Ted Nugent, Mountain, Cybernauts and many
more including:

Uriah Heep's Acoustically Driven and Electrically Driven, Heepsteria and John
Heartbeat. The review as follows.

Two live sets from the British stalwarts of melodic, progressive rock. The
first recorded in acoustic mode in London during 2000. Adding a string
section, flute, steel guitar and backing singers the Heep were as tight as a
maiden aunt. Bernie Shaw's vocals suiting the old and new material superbly,
while pianist Phil Lanzon's orchestration shines and an appearance by Jethro
Tull's Ian Anderson adds to the all round enjoyment.

Some months later, Heep co-headlined with Nazareth in the UK and the
Heepsters' set went back to hard'n'heavy rock'n'rolling. Return to Fantasy
kicks off proceedings at force 10 and sets the pace for many classic, modern
numbers, along with another Ian Anderson bow.
A strong contender for best live album of the year and, with both sets
produced by Pip Williams, the sound quality is excellent. These 2 CD's are
produced in conjunction with the fanclub and are available through the

Ed Stone.


Record Collector

August 2001


Thanks to Mike Taylor


Heepsteria is 33 tracks of varying quality by numerous B-list bands, the cuts
selected by fans via the internet, with some recorded in Ken Hensley's
studio. Overall the standard is very good, as some outfits (such as the Easy
Livin' Band) get extremely close to the trademark Uriah Heep sound - often
with near exact emulation. Bronz produce a solid heavy version or two,
although like several other acts, they suffer from the extensive use of
programming. Still, Denny Ball's Firefly is atmospheric and , with old boys
Ken Hensley and John Lawton taking part, this set is well put together, if
over produced. Great fun albeit for total fanatics only.

As for the former voice of Uriah Heep, Lawton has made a live album with
various members of his other former band, Lucifers Friend, and it's very, er,
different. There are elements of early 80's Heep, but the 10 tracks are
largely period power pop and AOR akin to Starship, though it's still alot of
fun. Four bonus tracks follow in the same vein.