Uriah Heep in Holland

May 8th  Tilburg

Pictures by Jorn Janssen 
Review  by Ralph Pluim 





Ralph Pluim with Ian Anderson 1 month later in Utrecht after the J-Tull gig. Ian was surprised when Ralph asked him to sign his Uriah Heep CD. 

Praise the NS (dutch railways), Ďcause due a technical malfunction, my comrade and I had to wait for almost an hour before we could leave Bergen op Zoom and travel to Tilburg, where one of the greatest hardrock bands ever were going to perform.

That day we had the great opportunity to meet our great heroís at cd shop the Waterput, where they played two acoustic songs: Heartless Land and Lady in Black.

After that great experience we had to hurry up to catch the train. And uuhhh you know what happened. Logically we were very anxious, Ďcause it seems that we would miss the first part of the concert at Tilburg.

When we arrived an hour later than the ticket said the show would started, we saw that the good spirits were with us that night, Ďcause the boys of Heep hadnít entered the stage yet.

Ten minutes after our arrival the boys hit the stage with Return to Fantasy, a song I always loved. But to see it live, was absolutely amazing. It actually blew me away.

Immediately after that song they played Universal Wheels which was originally recorded twenty years later, but sounds as good as the opening song. And thatís the strength of Uriah Heep: to write fantastic songs, even after thirty years.

Many great songs would follow at this marvelous performance that lasted for almost two hours.

From a bunch of new classics (mostly of Sonic Origami) to a lot of old classics, like Stealiní, Sunrise, Traveller in Time, Gypsy and Bird of Prey.

There were many highlights during the show. A wonderfull performance of their new single Come Away Melinda and a stunning version of July Morning were among my favourites at this special night.

What more can I see, as a twenty-year-old Heep fan, who listens to Future Echoes and Acoustically Driven almost daily?

Bernie is a great frontman with one of the greatest voices in rock; Lee is a very dynamical drummer with a lot of powerfull drumming; Trevor is a bass player extraordinary; Phil an keyboard player par excellence with a weirdy organ sound and Mick is just Mick.

A guitar wizard on itís own. Always smiling and with a lot of symbolical gestures.

So letís close this review with a thank you to: the boys of Heep and of course Louis Rentrop for making the Waterput gig happen.


Uriah Heep forever!

  Ralph Pluim





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