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Thanks to Harry Otten.


Sailing the Sea of Light


Recently Heep have been fond of the lime-light again. Solid albums like Future Echoes of the Past, Acoustically Driven and Electrically Driven followed one and another quite rapidly. Electrically Driven is part of this box, which also contains a DVD (also on its own available) and a book that describes this line-upís history. The excellent CD has been reviewed in the past, but we havenít covered the DVD yet. Next to an extensive documentary in which you can experience how friendly these men actually are, you can also see a bonus concert recorded in Sofia in 1999 and two songs from Moscow 1987. After all, Heep were the first rockband to play in the then called Soviet Union. Especially in Moscow sound and vision are sometimes out of sync but that cannot spoil the fun. All this beautiful material is packed in a great box with roger Deanís artwork on the cover (just like Sea of Light) and it is an example of how to compile something for fans. (JHD)