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Platomania reviewed Acoustically Driven, Future Echoes of the Past, Sailing the Sea of Light DVD, The Return - Hensley Lawton Band & Paying my dues to the blues - John Lawton . Stunning Reviews Really!!  . 

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Uriah Heep – Acoustically Driven


True enough a couple of years too late to float along the unplugged hype, Uriah Heep present an unplugged album on which, besides several acoustic instruments, the organ can be found along some strings. Beautiful is that the songs have been well selected and they match the format chosen. For example, we can find The Easy Road  (from Wonderworld) and Why Did You Go (from Return to Fantasy). Wonderworld gets a classical polishing while Jethro Tull’s Ian Andersson adds a pleasant flute to the merrymaking. Recorded in a venue with real heepsters Acoustically Driven has a snug clique atmosphere which doesn’t always work in the songs, but over all the record is beautiful. Apart from that Electrically Driven should be out soon.




Translation by Monique Spruit

Uriah Heep – Future Echoes of the Past

That the current line-up of Heep still has to carry the load from the past, will no doubt bore these gentlemen from time to time, still the Hensley-Byron era is cherished by this, far longer existing line-up. Their  latest studio albums, like the great Sonic Origami and Sea Of Light prove that they can stand on their own feet.  The live perils from Mick Box, Lee Kerslake, Trevor Boulder, Phil Lanzon and Bernie Shaw had been decently “grooved” on Spellbinder and that is very well repeated on this double album which was recorded November 1999. Full of great songs that form a cross-section of the history of Uriah Heep with an added bonus track from their debut album: Come Away Melinda. When listening to this album it is still clear that they have much talent to their disposal and the music is as solid as a rock. Great album. Come on Heepsters, get it on!