Oor is the leading dutch music magazine. It's founded in 1972. Since then Uriah Heep had lots of reviews. A highlight is the 1976 Pinkpop special. At the time Bert van de Kamp mostly covered Uriah Heep. In this November 2001 issue we have a very nice Sailing the Sea of Light Box set Review  by Hans van den Heuvel.

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 Translation by Monique Spruit


Uriah Heep - Sailing The Sea Of Light

Books are as old as the roads that lead to Rome, CD's are abundant to pave those roads and DVD's drop like ripe apples from trees along those roads. Still I believe Uriah Heep is the only band that combines the three as mentioned. Both the book and the DVD focus on the past 15 years, which are the most stable years of their 30-year history. 'We're much better now compared to when we had been around for 15 years. We hadn't even matured then!' we can hear singer Bernie Shaw say in a one-hour interview, conducted by Tommy Vance, the English Alfred Lagarde, as part of the documentary to be found on the DVD. Furthermore the DVD contains live recordings from Moscow, a newly recorded video of 'Come Away Melinda' plus a bonus concert recorded in Sofia. The latter lacks some things as suddenly the lower sounds have all disappeared. Musically you need the CD "Electrically Driven". It has more inequalities compared to the previously released live CD "Future Echoes Of The Past", but the old foxes do draw the sword here! This package isn't cheap but it is well worth it! Hans van de Heuvel