Oor is the most important dutch music magazine. It's founded in 1972. Since then Uriah Heep had lots of reviews. Highlight is the 1976 Pinkpop special. At the time Bert van de Kamp mostly covered Uriah Heep. In this August 2002 issue we have a very nice Future Magicians Birthday Party DVD  review by Hans van den Heuvel.

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Uriah Heep - The Magician's Birthday (Classic Rock Productions?Bertus) Past and present meet one another at The Magician's Birthday, the moment when Uriah Heep celebrate their birthday. The last time this was celebrated, the party lasted for three solid days and guest appearances were granted to Ken Hensley, the former keyboards player/ guitarist/ composer, who appeared on stage with the band for the first time in 21 years and ex-vocalist John Lawton whose power hasn't lost credibility. Their contributions fit in perfectly with the present line-up of Uriah Heep, the line-up which has scoured the world for the past fifteen years. Because this filmed concert took place in a theatre, the emphasis is lain on the more subdued work on this CD/ DVD. The first sparks shoot when our own 'yodel-boy', Thijs van Leer hits the stage. A second impulse is provided by the three female background singers who make sure that the choirs, the trademark of the band, widely blast out of your speakers. The so-called extras are a bit disappointing: short backstage shots, an autographing session, a press conference, fragments of a quiz, a blow-up guitar contest, an acoustic song by John Lawton and two bonus tracks, without hotchpotch. On the other hand: the concert itself is special enough. 

Hans van den Heuvel

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