Oor is the most important dutch music magazine. It's founded in 1972. Since then Uriah Heep had lots of reviews. Highlight is the 1976 Pinkpop special. At the time Bert van de Kamp mostly covered Uriah Heep. In this may 2001 issue we have a very nice Future Echoes of the past review by Hans van den Heuvel.

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A good neighbor is better then a far away friend, but when this friend comes along once a year it's always a great joy to see each other for a while. That's also the case with Uriah Heep, one of the most stable survivors of the seventies. Alright they might have calm down a little bit, I have NEVER seen an uninspired performance. Especially guitarist Mick Box, still, after all these years, seems to catch the notes from heaven. Ok singer Bernie Shaw is not David Byron, but the timbre in his voice is close enough to sing the songs respectfully. They are sometimes real Classic Rock songs, with characteristic and stunning close harmony singing, which are saved for our children. A double live CD which keeps Heep's reputation high, and makes you look forward to their concerts ( early may), as also the appearances in The Netherlands by Ken Hensley and John Lawton.

Hans van den Heuvel

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