Mindview Magazine September 2001 issue.


Uriah Heep – Acoustically Driven

Shortly after the release of the “Future Echoes of The Past” CD & video, new live material from Heep has been released. In December last year Uriah Heep did a unique acoustical concert in London. For this unique event no pain or expense was spared. Apart from two songs, songs were mainly selected that cannot be heard in a regular live set. To achieve this Mick Box and company dug into their 30-year-history and pay attention to some unknown gems from their past. On top of that the songs were supplied with new arrangements for which, apart of the band, a string quartet, three lady singers as well as a multi-instrumentalist were required. The result is astonishingly beautiful. The natural sounding production by Pip Williams is of good taste and the performance (no overdubs!) is without a doubt, flawless. Bernie shows, once again, what a world singer he is, Phil reveals himself as a pianist and arranger, Lee, as well as Trevor, form a subtle but profound rhythmic basis and Mick focuses on the acoustic guitar. The ladies sound (and look) divine and the same can be said about the string quartet. The great surprise is the performance by Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull on the transverse flute on two songs and in doing so he illustrates what rich compositions Uriah Heep have. The CD is just top (GOLD 6/7) and the DVD is breathtaking and is added value because of the images, it makes the sound rise far above the average ‘unplugged’ session. Stunning and by fits and starts this piece of work can be classified as moving beauty (PLATINUM 7/7).


(translation Monique Spruit)