Mindview Magazine June 2001 issue.


Review by Franky Bruyneel of the Cologne gig April 29 2001

As a Survivor fan I was glad to find out that Jimi Jamison and Frankie Sullivan had overcome their differences and decided to put new life into Survivor. After this concert I honestly had to confess that I was left with a bad taste in my mouth. The cause of this was the bad balance in sound, a frontman who didn’t know how to be a frontman and a six-minute-lasting and boring guitar interlude during ‘See You In Everyone’. Of course, not all was bad, there were good versions of ‘Burning Bridges’ and ‘Broken Promises’ and the new song they opened their set with is a promise for the future. What was lacking with Survivor, Uriah Heep made up for. An energetic and varied set performed by driven musicians. True, Bernie Shaw doesn’t have a voice like once David Byron or John Lawton. The heavy guitar sound interlarded by the powerful Hammond organ from Phil Lanzon was typical for the beautiful sound. Add the harmonic vocals and a tough rhythm section and you have all the ingredients for a first-rate night of classic heavy rock. Towards the end all the stops were pulled out and the enthusiastic fans responded by yelling Heep back on stage twice for encores. In short, a perfect concert night by a band that is far from dead after more than thirty years.

Franky Bruyneel

(translation Monique Spruit)