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The Spado Uriah Heep promotion around the  Berlin Marathon was a huge succes! The group of 40 had a tremendous weekend with lots of fun, especially during our Heep promotion activities. In the meantime all runners fullfilled the 26 miles without any problem. Many of the 38 thousand athletes and 800.000 spectators must have noticed that Heepfans were present! During the saturday morning breakfast run we all chased for new fans, and it worked! We got very nice responses , and lots of people even asked us for leaflets and information. 

I like to thank all the Spado people from Bergen op Zoom who did a great job, and a special word for my friend and heepbuddy Marcel Wigmans who was our guide during this marvelous event.

Louis Rentrop

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The Banner strip first . Our first stop Heep runner Jan Lady's in Black
Heep all over the bus Let's show them At the marathon fair in Berlin Breakfast in our 'Jugend Residence'
Posing at Charlottenbourg We are ready for Heephunting! Me too!! Heep police
Will you welcome please... fun fun fun looking good? Marcel Wigmans & 99 luftballoons
The Dance:-)) New fans in the making Running for Heep A heepsalute at the olympic stadium
Heep support at 1 km Brandenburger Tor more pictures later  


-Uriah Heep Holland Promotion Team-