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Uriah Heep | live in Haifa & Tel Aviv | Israel | October 16 & 17th 2003

Ticket from Tel Aviv show

The pictures below are taken at the Haifa show.


More Great Pictures added  October 31 2003 

Thanks to Mike Sidorchuk:

DME Concert Pictures and Review 

More Heep in Israel Pictures



I have enjoyed the concert very much , the band  sure knows how to make a great show and list the audience to new heights. 


I was at the Haifa Gig, it was excellent real professionals. It's amazing how these guys sound so up to date & crisp still after 30 years.
They are the only band to visit Israel in the past 3 years since the Palestinian atrocities started, For that I salute there courage for coming over,  Band & Crew.

God Bless






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Pic's Alexander Moukhin   &  Mad