IO Pages is a dutch progrock magazine. This Future Echoes of the Past Review is printed in the june 2001 issue. 

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Review from ďIO PagesĒ

When I think of Uriah Heep, memories of highschool from the early 70ís get in my mind. They still exist though. The present line-up consists of guitarist Mick Box, drummer Lee Kerslake, bass player Trevor Boulder keyboards player Phil lanzon and singer Bernie Shaw. Box and Kerslake originate from the early days, but Shaw and Lanzon who were the last to join have been with the band for some 15 years now. What I had expected to hear on the double live CD Future Echoes of the Past was in the line of a Bee Gees performance (inventors of the ball clamp) which I saw on TV a couple of years ago. Rattling off hits from a distant past for an audience of people over 40 who love everything to bits. The first of the two discs partially confirms my fear. A mixture of songs from then and now which cannot really captivate me. What is remarkable is the excellent sound quality. Each band member can be heard well and I especially want to compliment bass player Trevor Boulder. This double CD reminds you a bit of a football match. The first half / CD was technically good but the drive which should lead to scoring isnít there. During half time the players get some pep talk and as a steam-roller they get into the second half. Result: a glorious victory. The same goes for the second CD of this live package. Here it is shown that Uriah Heepís music can still grip you in 2001. There are longer songs, semi-acoustic songs and the whole band go for it. Here the boys appear to full advantage. If it had been up to me this album would only have consisted of the second disc, but for the true fans disc one is pure pleasure of listening. As a concert recording it is a fine piece of work which sounds good and crystal clear, with both an enthusiastic band as well as an enthusiastic audience and the live atmosphere has excellently been captured. In short, a must for each and every Uriah Heep fan and worth listening to by anyone else.

Hans de Vos

(translation Monique Spruit)