Classic Uriah Heep Albums reviews from Classic Rock Magazine november 2001 issue

Many thanks to Mike Taylor.


Uriah Heep
Sailing the Sea of Light

This is a stunning multimedia celebration in print, visuals and audio of the UK's most enduring bands.

The print medium comes in the shape of an 88 page booklet painstakingly researched by CR's own Dave Ling. The concentrates almost solely on the trials, triumphs and lunacies enjoyed by the current band line-up, which is now celebrating it's 15th anniversary. The tone is respectful but objective, giving a balanced picture of the band's adventures.

The visuals are in the form of the "Sea of Light" DVD, featuring a staggering 150 minutes of footage that looks back at the bands history, plus film of Heep's groundbreaking excursion to Russia in 1987, performing a series of shows that was to open the floodgates for rock music in the East.

The audio content of this pack comes via "Electrically Driven", recorded in March of this year in front of a sold out audience at the Astoria in London at the climax of the bands first UK tour for a decade.

There you have it - a magnificent exemplar of the Heep legend as it rolls inexorably onwards.

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