Jaap Edenhal Amsterdam February 17 1976

Pictures & Story contributed by  Menno Schaap

Line Up David Byron, Mick Box, Ken Hensley, John Wetton, Lee Kerslake

These pictures were taken during the try-out in the afternoon before the
show that evening in 'the edenhal' in Amsterdam.
only David Byron (he was bigger than I thought,or was I still a small
schoolboy??) and Ken Hensley showed up.

In those days it was very easy to 'sneak in' and ask for signatures and take
photographs and tape the concerts
although we had tickets we could stay in the restaurant of Sjaak Swart
upstairs and see the concert for free and once we knew that we went to loads
of concerts without paying
but the rumour spreads and after a while the restaurant was packed with
schoolboys and there was no place and food anymore for the roadies and that
was the end.

These photo's were taken by a schoolfriend and I can't remember his name so
if he is still an Uriah Heep fan and sees them it would be nice if he could
contact me.
hope you like them
Menno Schaap

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