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Many Thanks to Jean Paul Heck 

 September 2001  Acoustically Driven DVD Review Cover


Uriah Heep Ė Acoustically Driven


After a lot of messing about with different record companies, Uriah Heep have become a company that is formed by the band members. This way they released a lot of new material over the past year. After releasing the fine live double CD Acoustically Driven some two months ago, now a visual registration of that performance, recorded in The Mermaid in London is being put on the market. The package as well as the colourful booklet filled with useful information both look fantastic. The musical contents are mainly quiet. Many ballads and because of that some overkill when it comes to the too sugary burdens. Heepís gentlemen show themselves being slightly nervous and that is why their performance comes across as a little starchy. Nevertheless, musically they sound as clear as a bell. The ballad The Easy Road is beautiful but it gets even better when Jethro Tullís frontman Ian Anderson joins the band and with his transverse flute he brightens up the songs Circus and Blind Eye. The band rounds matters up with, no wonder, Lady in black and a medley of well known Heep classics. Nothing is easier than to be sceptical about Heepís Ďold mení but didnít we all love the acoustic performance by Deep Purple, rockers from the same generation, which was put out last year? Looking beneath the surface Acoustically Driven isnít a match for Deep Purpleís work.


Jean Paul Heck






July  2001 CD Review Cover


Uriah Heep Acoustically Driven

A fresh kick!

It is a bit late, very late I might say. But Uriah Heep fans could not care less. Uriah Heep acoustically. And yes, it sounds surprisingly good. The music by the band is full of classical, symphonic and folk influences. These qualities have been fully made the most of. Oldies like The Easy Road, Wonderworld and Blind Eye get a fresh injection like a kick in the bud. The addition of violins, steelguitars and flutes heighten the Celtic atmosphere which is present on this album. There is a key position for singer Bernie Shaw. The man has been unequalled over the past Heep albums but here he shows that he can appear to full advantage in a softer style as well. Many will mark Acoustically Driven as music for wimps but the fans have access to another beautiful live document.

Jean Paul Heck




June 2001

CD Review Cover

"Two fingers in the nose"

If their was a price for musicians with the ability to go on and on despite the difficulties they face, this price was given many times to Uriah Heep.  

Almost 30 years now the band of guitarist Mick Box, bass player Trevor Bolder & Lee Kerslake stands like a house. With singer Bernie Shaw the band recruited a first Class vocalist. They used his talent very well on the live double Future Echoes of the past. The band plays damn straight and with pieces of virtuosity. To often played of course. But this live album proves Heep is able to play many young rock bands of the stage. With two fingers in the nose.. Jean Paul Heck