Up Uriah Heep USA Cleveland Stadium 1975 Slideshow

After a long day of wandering around taking pictures and parting with a lot of groovy ( this was the '70's) people, it was nice to just kick back and take in their show. I think I seen Rod just one more time after that with Ron Wood before he left the Faces. But by far the highlight of the day was Uriah Heep! I think that they more than anybody at that time embodied the true spirit of heavy metal music. You had that combination of Ken Hensley's distinctive organ sound, as well as some great guitar work, Mick Box's unbelievable guitar, and of course the one and only David Byron on vocals. There will never be another one like him. I think what I remember most about that day was seeing Mick running around the stage with that broken arm, and at one point even climbing up and hanging from the rigging, all the while never missing a beat. Those were the days when the groups were out there for the love of the music, and nobody did it better than Uriah Heep. And thanks to Mick they are still going strong today.

Peace and Love, Tom Casey

This compilation by Konstantinos Takos | Photos of the festival by Tom Casey |  Some of the memorablia By Doc Lehman

1975-08-23 Crowd
1975-08-23 David, Ken and John
1975-08-23 David
1975-08-23 Ken
1975-08-23 Mick 1
1975-08-23 Mick 2
1975-08-23 Mick and John
1975-08-23 Mick and Lee
1975-08-23 Outside
1975-08-23 Advert
1975-08-23 Poster 1
1975-08-23 Poster 2
1975-08-23 Ticket

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