Contributed by Monique & Leo Spruit

The president Ford story told by Del Roll, former Uriah Heep roady:

"About the story of Heep sharing the same hotel as President Ford... he was about to arrive as we (the road crew) were checking out. The hotel (in Milwaukee I think) rolled out the red carpet in readyness, I noticed several tears & rips. I spoke to several men in dark suits wearing shades & with small speakers stuck in their ears - they immediately panicked in case the good president
should trip up & make fool of himself (again?).  Luckily............I had
some gaffer tape with me for the instant repair & of course being a good Heep crew member - I red tape to match the alleged carpet.

Enjoy - Cheers - Del Roll"

New Musical Express's Tony Stewart 1975 Uriah Heep  article US tour