Aardschok Magazine August 2002

There are DVD's after you have watched them, you will conclude: Wow, I would that I was at that concert. 'Rock  in Rio' of Iron Maiden was like that. This Uriah Heep dvd belongs in the first devision too. The well provided packadge ( dvd, booklet, cd) offers a more then compleet review of a musical party by the veteranclub at the end of last year.

Inspired to their toes Uriah Heep produces a superbe strong show, with extra attention for old work like 'Stealin", 'Return to fantasy' ( on the setlist at last) "July Morning", "Sunrise", and "Easy Livin". Besides The perfect filming quality  ( 19:6), and sound ( dolby surround sound), and the impassioned way of playing, there is the extra attraction of guest musicians. Our own Thijs van Leer is fluting and jodeling in 'Tales'.
Even more special is the appearance of guitarist and keyboardsplayer Ken Hensley in several songs.
For many Heepfans de musician, who left the band in 1980, was one of the flavouring guys of that era.
There's even more fun when John Lawton comes to the stage at the end of the gig to sing a few duets with Bernie shaw ( in 'Sympathy' and the splashing version of 'Free 'n Easy'. John shows that he still can sing.
The DVD contains a documentary, press conference shots and a live track recorded in the USA. I was already very much impressed with 'The Legend Continues' DVD two years ago.
The band exceeded itself with 'The Magicians Birthday Party'. Essential for any fan of Classic hardrock.
The DVD though also makes me strongly wondering: isn't it time, after this serie of live cd's/dvd's , for a new classic studio album?
Robert Haagsma




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